Building A Global Network of Distributors and Showrooms

UBD International is seeking worldwide partners to join us in opening unique, luxury showrooms throughout the USA and Middle East. UBD International partners will do business on a non-exclusive basis within defined geographic territories. Ideal partners will have a track record of kitchen and bath remodeling services - either in construction, distribution or sales. We are excited about expansion! There are three steps to follow if you're interested.  We've explained them below.

Join Our Network of Partners

As a UBD Showroom Partner, you’ll enjoy the technical and marketing support of North America’s leading network of distributors and showrooms of construction and home remodeling products. To express your interest in becoming a UBD Showroom Partner, please fill out our Partner Application or contact Eng. M. Raouf ElRahimy at raouf1811@aol.com.

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Step 1

Fill out and submit your UBD Partner Application. It's as quick as 5 minutes. Within 24 hours you should receive confirmation that your application is under review.*

Step 2

A call is scheduled between you, your associates, and UBD International.  You should be prepared to speak about your experience and financial qualifications.

Step 3

A decision will be made and you could become a partner in a very exciting and lucrative business. On-boarding will be scheduled and you'll be in business!

* Qualified applicants will be sent a complete international distributor/showroom packet describing our distributor program and products.

Become a Partner

We would love to speak to anyone interested in becoming a partner with UBD International. As a UBD Partner, you’ll have access to full range of manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and distributors. We only do business with the best suppliers in the world.

You'll also get the benefit of time-tested business concepts from our years of international business experience. As partners we are a great support to all of our UBD showrooms.  Feel free to look through our Showroom Gallery to see examples of our worldwide locations.

To find out more about UBD International or to get the process started, fill out the Partner Application. All of your information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with a third party.